Seed Bead Artist Spotlight — Brenda Williams Barratt

Meet Brenda Williams Barratt
Meet bead artist, Brenda Williams Barratt

Meet Brenda, the talented bead artist with an eye for color and beauty.

I first knew Brenda online for most of a year before meeting the charismatic and bubbly artist in person, in North Idaho. After meeting and chatting, we realized we had previously met, years before, in Homer, Alaska, at our favorite bead shop! Brenda made her jellyfish while living in Seldovia, where she photographed her creations for online sales on the back of the Seldovia fire truck.

Brenda began beading in her 20’s in Bellingham, Washington. Always one to seek outlets for her natural artistic creativity, she also draws, paints, and holds a degree in graphic design. I first loved Brenda’s beaded fur mittens and slippers, but then was drawn into her world of dichroic glass and beaded chandeliers.

What really sets her apart from other local beaders are Brenda’s own design of beaded jellyfish suncatchers, which have sold to buyers from around the world.

beaded jellyfish suncatchers
Jelly Smacks beaded suncatchers

She has sold her jellyfish creations in Seldovia, Alaska and at local Alaskan events, but now you can find her art in her Etsy shop. Check it out!

Besides her trademark jellyfish, you can also find her increasingly-popular beaded eyeglass grips, bracelets, jewelry, and beaded embellishments.
Her art is always evolving and she loves incorporating new pieces. Before, she was passionately making dichroic glass; but nowadays, her art is focusing on kumihimo elements, flat braid with a core, and leather. Her biggest sellers currently incorporate brick stitch and peyote stitch embellishments to be used with face masks.

beaded eyeglass embellishments
Peyote stitch and brick stitch Eyeglass grips

You will also be able to find lovely charms, stones, and other supplies that will help you in creating unique and beautiful items.

We will keep a close eye on Brenda, as her art continues to evolve, because her exuberant spirit ensures that the future will always be both interesting and joyful.


As an avid crafter with a passion for home improvements, I also dabble in heritage arts.

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