Look Up!


The Small Improvement with a Big Impact

The tree is down, decorations are put away, and Oh, my Goodness! Those ceilings are dusty!

Clean those ceilings! Get the cobwebs out of the corners, and the dust bunnies off the dimensional elements. Your lungs will thank you! The whole house will smell better, and chances are, it only takes 20 minutes to do the ceilings in the whole house. Your family or guests will notice that “something” is different, but they won’t know what it was.


Ceilings get dusty, too!


Your local home improvement store most certainly sells tools with extension handles that can reach vaulted ceilings,
corners, and ledges. While you are cleaning ceilings, you can quickly swipe over curtain rods, light fixtures, beams, pipes, and anything else that collects dust.

Buy a good extension cleaner

My favorites are the blue fluffy ones on an extension handle. They reach a wide swath at a time, and the microfiber ones
bend into crazy configurations for reaching ledges. Lambs’ wool or feathers really pick up the dust, without dropping it before you shake it outside. Whatever you find, make it work. A microfiber cloth can be taped or pinned around it if you need a wider surface or something you can wring out in soapy water. Over the years, I have acquired a lot of different tools, and having them makes it so easy! I wouldn’t part with any of them, even though I only use them a few times a year.

Tools with extendable handles make cleaning ceilings, fans, and high ledges a snap!

You spend a lot of time in the house, and this is a quick task that makes a big impact!

Whether you are selling your home, hosting an event, welcoming guests, or maintaining your home, cleaning ceilings is one task that you should not overlook. What a big impact a clean ceiling can make on your tidy home!  Especially in a clean space like over a dining table, you don’t want guests to see cobwebs or dust bunnies dangling from the corners. Come spring, when you let the sunshine in, you will be prepared if people look up!


As an avid crafter with a passion for home improvements, I also dabble in heritage arts.

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